#Botober was awesome but I couldn’t wait a whole year before diving into another daily sketch challenge. So open those sketchbooks, sharpen those pencils, boot up those digital painter and 3D sculpting tools because 03.01.14 is MARCH of ROBOTS!  The goal is a new robot illustration each day for 31 days. And to add to the fun, I’m also doing a KICKSTARTER campaign for an Artbook featuring all my robot drawings from the Instagram challenges and a ton of unpublished illustrations. But wait, there’s more… The book is more than just pretty static pictures. There’s a digital component that takes the experience beyond the printed page. I’m collaborating with some stellar 3D modellers and animators from the film and gaming industries to make this feature awesome. Folks like Glen SouthernScott WetterschneiderNoel RubinSteve Talkowski aka Sketchbot and Roberto Oliveira. By downloading a free companion app on either Android or iOS, you will be able to view animated 3D models and other elements of select images through your smartphone or tablet cameras.  

So spread the word. March 01, 2014 is the day! Check out the Instagram challenge and show your best bots. Then jump over to the Kickstarter and back the project.

The 3 Laws of MoR!

(1) Drawings can be digital or analogue, but it must be drawn by you and it has to be a robot (or depict a robot as the dominant figure in the scene).

(2) #Hashtag drawings with #marchofrobots

And lastly…

(3) Have fun with it. You don’t have to do a drawing everyday, but you are certainly welcome to do so if you want to go all the way. Just set yourself a goal and stick with it.

Join in or just follow the fun - Chocolate Soop on Instagram

Power up!



LUXSTAR ‘Innergalaktik’

LUXSTAR ‘Innergalaktik’ is a collaborative show that explores the mindscapes of illustrators/designers Dacosta! aka. CHOCOLATE SOOP® and Frazer Adams of FRAZER CREATIVE. From robotic characters and product branding to cosmic vistas and gemological forms. LUXSTAR ‘Innergalaktik’ is a mash up of digital and analogue, imagery that plays with existing and emerging elements of pop-culture from all corners of the galaxy.

All of the digital canvas prints services supplied by SignVisions

September 6-29, 2013

2206 Main Street, Vancouver BC



Awesome!!! Little MM robot made it into the Hot One Inch Action button show.

HOT ONE INCH ACTION IS THE ORIGINAL, ONE-NIGHT ONLY SHOW OF BUTTON ART AND SOCIAL INTERACTION. SINCE 2004, CHRIS BENTZEN AND JIM HOEHNLE HAVE PROVIDED THE OPPORTUNITY TO BUY, COLLECT, AND TRADE THE TINY ART OF FIFTY ARTISTS REPRODUCED ON ONE INCH BUTTONS. WANT A SPECIFIC BUTTON? TRADE WITH OTHER PEOPLE AT THE SHOW! Conceived by Jim Hoehnle and Chris Bentzen in 2004, Hot One Inch Action is the original, one-night only show of button art and social interaction from Vancouver, BC. The tiny work of fifty different artists is reproduced on one inch buttons. Buy a mixed bag of five random buttons for $5. Want a specific button? Trade with other people at the show. How bad do you want that button?! That’s when the hot action starts.
Check out the HOT ONE INCH ACTION Facebook page and help spread the word.

Here’s a look at my design.

See you there!!!

9th Annual Vancouver Show
Saturday October 27 from 8-11pm
@ Hot Art Wet City Pop Up Gallery (752 E Broadway)

Artist list…
Aaron White, Adaryn Ko, Andrea Hooge, Ariane Khachatourians, Arinn Westendorf, Ash Tanasiychuk, Becky McEachern, Brenna Kanski, Cameron Steele, Carelle B. Dunn, Christina Norberg, Cindey Chiang, Colin Moore, Colleen Conroy, Dacosta!, Dana Bourgeois (Mr.Frosty), Danielle Mah, Doug Savage, Dusan Postolovic, Eileen Soo, Eleanor Rosenberg, Erica Wyngaards, esm-artificial, Frederick Cummings, Gayle Koyanagi, Heather Curtis, indy, J.L. Martin, Jeff Denomme, Jeff Speers, Jenn Brisson, joel rich, Joseph Taormina, Kate Newman, Katie McLellan, Kay Slater, Kel/Kel, Kevin Kimmett, Kim Kalanj, Kris G. Brownlee, Lauren Williamson, Lori Dean Dyment, Megan Majewski, Nicole Steen, Rhys Edwards, Soizick Meister, Stephanie Faye, Steven Smethurst, Tony Cliff, Topher Wong

Bright biographers watch scholar specifically at this educational service meaningful link that supports international scholars.


We’re back!!!

After a year hiatus the SPARK Animation events are back and better than ever. I’ve been lucky to have been involved with SPARK for the past few years now as the art director. Here’s a look at the postcard I created for the event. Join us on September 12, as we celebrate the launch of our fantastic film festival.


The Four Riders of the Apocalypse

In recognition of “the end of the world as we know it~” 2012, the Signs of the Apocalypse Show at My Plastic Heart opens Friday August 3rd. Curated by Lou Pimentel, the show has a long list of super talented folk on it. Inspired by the origami piece done by fellow Vancouverite Joseph Wu who did the 4 horses of the Apocalypse, I decided do my take on the riders. If you’re interested in getting the set of prints (4), please email to inquire about availability.



Häagen-Botz was my piece from the Sketchbot show. It was one of my favourite pieces to work on and I think one of my best customs. I think it stood out from the crowd because it zigged when others zagged. It’s hard to not work in a chocolate theme when the figure screams out “Dip me in cocoa!” so I did.Here’s an image of the final piece. I’m glad it sold but it would have been nice to have kept this one.

DCTO: Jibun Project

July 2007 CHOCOLATE SOOP™ proudly introduced its collectible 7″ vinyl art figure DCTO: Jibun Project (Dreams Come True Object) based on the ancient Japanese legend of Daruma, a 5th century monk and the founder of Zen Buddhism…

DCTO is a modern interpretation of an ancient Japanese Zen doll known as a Daruma doll. This curiously limbless, traditionally red-cloaked figure with unpainted eyes is used for personal dedication to a new venture such as starting a business, beginning a new path in life, or given as a gift for celebrations like New Years, weddings and birthdays. Painting in DCTO’s left eye shows commitment to a goal; once the goal is achieved, the right eye is then painted.

DCTO (‘dik-toe’) is designed to right itself when it is knocked over, reflecting the Japanese saying, ‘Nanakorobi yaoki’, “Fall 7 times, rise 8 times”. This reminds us that no matter the number of times we may stumble, those with a persistent heart will rise again to achieve their goals, symbolizing relentless dedication and an undaunted spirit.

~ In a modern, fast-paced world that is becoming increasingly virtual and complex, the DCTO: Jibun Project is a simple, tangible focus point on which to anchor one’s dreams and aspirations.~

December 2008, Chocolate Soop™  in association with JANM (The Japanese American National Museum)  presented the first ever custom vinyl toy show ever held in a museum. The theme of the show was “Dreams to Dreams” and is based on the poem of the same title written by Dacosta! which speaks to possibilities of dreams. 49 artists from around the world customized DCTO for the event, and in celebration of Japanese New Year’s 2009. Artwork was displayed at the Museum through the month of December and through the Museum’s Oshogatsu celebration (a significant celebration in Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo area). Visitors where also treated to an educational and entertaining program about the significance of Daruma and other cultural icons for the New Year.