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In turbulent economic and political times, the average American can easily get discouraged enough to defeat the political apathy which has not become unusual and reach out for their chosen representatives. A straightforward means for individuals to do this is by writing e-mail or community officials a notice. Loyality words convey a message that is powerful to your own market that is intended. Considering that the internet has many instruments to find out information about proposed state and national legislation, let’s write a training notice to your elected official about a fresh bill in Congress that you just want your Consultant to vote ” no ” on. Whether you choose to email or snail mail your notice, you must follow the suggested four – paragraph arrangement for advocacy letters that are effective. Capture your chosen official’s focus using a solid launching. In the initial section you need to clearly state exactly what you need them to do ( the action ), or the reason for your own con-Tact. As a concerned member of this community along with an active voter in the 25 th Area, I’d like to bring the following expenses to your own attention. [ Bill number and title ] jeopardizes children’s success in school surroundings in our community and that I encourage you to vote ” no ” all through next month’s vote.

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Next, clarify the issue in more depth. Stay to the most important points and prevent the utilization of vocabulary or very technical language in your explanation. Do you realize that according to the college district 25 % of children in the community encounter [ this problem ] on a weekly basis ? The U.S. Department of Education reports that our local rate is higher than the average American neighborhood. Additionally, 2 of our neighborhood schools have been added to a ” faltering ” list kept by that section – a poor outlook for our children really. In your next paragraph, provide your elected official a personal link to the problem you are raising. Explain the reason why this actions is pertinent to his / her components and the official.

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As a school-teacher, I too observe the children in my classes explain the outcomes [ this problem ] is wearing their lives. If [ this ] was passed, surely [ this problem ] have harmful consequences on children’s performance in colleges and might probably worsen. I understand that you’d the chance to go to with our booming preschool program this past year and expect which you recall cheerful faces these bright and their future if it is time to vote on Bill [ title ]. Lastly, repeat the action that is requested and thank your established to the question you’ve got raised in the letter for focus plus their time. With the best interests of the communities and kids you signify, please vote NO on Bill [ number and title ]. Thank you Senator So-and-So, on your time today and also your persistent focus on this very significant issue. Truly, Joe So-And So Keep these additional tips in your mind as you modify and prepare to send your letter: Try to tackle your notice ( if snail sent ) to the neighborhood or regional workplace. You’re far more likely to get an answer that is personal. Retain research paper writing write my essay your correspondence short.

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You might be contacting busy people who are answerable to substantial teams of folks. In the event you allow your contact drag on as well as on it’s not unlikely you will drop your audience. Always be honest and true while demonstrating respect write my paper for the community office available. Before sending check grammar and your spelling. Stay on subject. In case you have multiple problems or concerns to address you’ve multiple opportunities to exercise your politics will. Do not know who to address your correspondence to ?

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Make use of the links below to readily locate the correct official you’re trying to contact. This website has advice about calling Onondaga County officials and sections. To find your Ny State Senator go here. To locate your Ny State Consultant click here. To locate your U.S. Representative click here. To find your U.S. Senator click here .



In celebration of all things robot, I’m doing a robot drawing each day for 31 days. I started this last year after being inspired by Jake Parker’s ‘Inktober’ and daily doodle type blogs. Since robots are my thing, I decided to throw my hat in the ring as it were and called it ‘Botober’. I had a ton of fun and an awesome response during the month from fellow robot lovers so I thought, why not do it again.

The 3 Laws of BOTOBER.

(1) Drawings can be digital or analogue, but it must be drawn by you and it has to be a robot (or depict a robot as the dominant figure in the scene).

(2)All drawings should be Hashtaged #botober

And lastly…

(3)Have fun with it. You don’t have to do a drawing everyday, but you are certainly welcome to do so if you want to go all the way. Just set yourself a goal and stick with it.

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Power up!




WORD!!! After too long a wait the new neon sign arrived this afternoon. #robotsalldaylong …Did I mention I LOVE robots!!! :D


LUXSTAR – Diptych01-Yellow

This is one of the pieces form my contribution to the LUXSTAR ‘Innergalaktik’ Diptych01-Yellow is as the name suggests, one half a print featuring Bot01 presented here in iPhone5 format. Enjoy :)


LUXSTAR – Diptych01-Blue

This is one of the pieces form my contribution to the LUXSTAR ‘Innergalaktik’ Diptych01-Blue is as the name suggests, one half a print featuring Bot01 presented here in iPhone5 format. Enjoy :)


LUXSTAR ‘Innergalaktik’

LUXSTAR ‘Innergalaktik’ is a collaborative show that explores the mindscapes of illustrators/designers Dacosta! aka. CHOCOLATE SOOP® and Frazer Adams of FRAZER CREATIVE. From robotic characters and product branding to cosmic vistas and gemological forms. LUXSTAR ‘Innergalaktik’ is a mash up of digital and analogue, imagery that plays with existing and emerging elements of pop-culture from all corners of the galaxy.

All of the digital canvas prints services supplied by SignVisions

September 6-29, 2013

2206 Main Street, Vancouver BC

“You can have anything you want - if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose.”

~ Abraham Lincoln


Welcome to the new site remix! This is the spot for every and all things CHOCOLATE SOOP™ related. There are simply too many places for me to have to keep track of, so I decided to try to keep it all in one place. Of course you can still choose to follow me on Facebook ,twitter, Instagram, behance and LinkedIn, but at the end of the day they all start and end here.

If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.

~ Jim Rohn

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson